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SOEKS 01M radioactivity indicator

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It was a tragic coincidence that serial production of the SOEKS 01M radioactivity indicator in March 2011 started at the same time as the Fukushima disaster. The feverish demand for these devices in Japan made them unavailable in Russia. The retail price in Japan was above EUR 400. Over a period of two years, SOEKS 01M won not only the Japanese market but also the markets of the USA and Germany. A few versions were released to ensure better performance..

The device was the first Russian dosimeter with a color display and there have been attempts to copy its operating principle.

Japanese buyers rate SOEKS 01M at 4.3. This is comparable with the rating of the iPhone on the same market. There are now more than 100,000 SOEKS 01M buyers all over the world. 

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SOEKS radioactivity indicator (dosimeter)

It is a must-have, not only for those who, because of their occupation, come into contact with dangerous radioactive objects, but also for those who take their safety and the health of those they love seriously. A radioactivity indicator (dosimeter) is indispensable if you want to buy an apartment, a house or a land plot, construction materials, furniture or a used car, if you are a frequent air traveler or if you buy food such as blueberries, fish, etc.

Benefits and advantages of the SOEKS radioactivity indicator (dosimeter) 

  • - Easy to use and control.
  • - Compact and lightweight
  • - The highest measurement speed (10 seconds) among household dosimeters
  • - A color display that allows for color indication of measurements
  • - Звуковая сигнализация при попадании в зону повышенной радиации.
  • - Возможность зарядки аккумуляторов через USB-порт или от сети с помощью адаптера.
  • - Can run on AAA batteries
  • - Multiple languages. The SOEKS dosimeter is offered in two languages (English and Russian); other language packs are also available as an option.
  • - Unique measurement accuracy sensor
  • -  Elegant contemporary design

The operating principle of the SOEKS radioactivity indicator (dosimeter)    

ВThe SOEKS 01M radioactivity indicator (dosimeter) uses the SBM 20-1 Geiger-Mueller tube counter, recording the number of ionizing β- and γ-particles that enter the counter. You can use the SOEKS dosimeter to check: : 

  • - Buildings and land plots, e.g. when you are buying a new house or apartment;
  • - Food products, especially if you buy them at unknown places, without a certificate of quality;
  • - различных вещей, в том числе приобретенных через интернет в иностранных магазинах;
  • - Toys that may originate from regions with higher radiation levels;
  • - Used cars;
  • - Construction materials you want to buy, etc.The operating principle of the SOEKS radioactivity indicator (dosimeter)

Where to buy the SOEKS radioactivity indicator

If you want to buy a household indicator which promptly detects and shows the level of radioactivity, contact SOEKS authorized dealers. You can find the full list and contact details of all dealers on our website. Where to buy the SOEKS radioactivity indicator 

SOEKS radioactivity indicator (dosimeter): applications

The SOEKS radioactivity indicator (dosimeter) detects the level of radiation in homes. You do not need special technical skills or knowledge to use the radioactivity indicator (dosimeter)..

Parameter Value
Indication range (background radiation), µSv/h up to 1 000
Recorded gamma-ray energy, MeV from 0,1
Warning thresholds, µSv/h 0,3 to 100
Measuring time, seconds up to 20
Indication Continuous, numerical, graphical
Batteries and auxiliary power AAA-type rechargeable or regular batteries, network adapter or USB
Power supply range, V 1,9 - 3,5
Continuous run time, min, hours** up to 10
Overall dimensions (height × width × thickness), max, mm 105х43х18
Weight (excluding batteries), max, g 57
Battery charging current, max, mA 300
Input current from USB or charger, max, mA 500
Charger output voltage, V 4,5 to 5,5
Display Color TFT display, 128×160
Operating temperature range, °C -20 to +60
* A higher number of measurements improves indication accuracy.  
** Continuous run time is given for a device where factory settings and two 1,350 mAh batteries are used. 
*** Factory settings: Threshold—1,2, green color theme, sound on.
The Certificate of Conformity confirms that the SOEKS 01M dosimeter complies with the standards and requirements pertaining to radiation monitoring equipment in force in the Russian Federation.​

The Certificate confirms that the SOEKS 01M dosimeter meets the requirements of the European Union and authorizes the sale of SOEKS 01M dosimeters in the EU.​


Сертификат соответствия N 107116-612422A

a la directive 2004/108/EC concernant la compatibilite electromagnetique to the directive 2004/108/EC dealing with electromagnetic compatibility

Согласно директиве 2004/108/EC, касающейся электронной совместимости



ISSUED TO: Eulenweg 4 33129 Delbrueck Germany

ВЫДАН: Eulenweg 4 33129 Delbrueck Германия


Прибор: СОЭКС-01M

Constructeur - Manufacture: SOEKS Ltd.

Разработчик – Производитель: OOO «СоЭкс»

Marque - Trade Mark: SOEKS Type - Model : - Normes harmonisees de reference/ reference harmonized standarts: EN 61326-1 (2006)

Модель – введение согласованных стандартов: EN 61326-1 (2006)

Les conditions et resultats des essais sont consignes dans le rapport d'essai LCIE №. 107116-612422A Tests conditions and results are given in the LCIE test report No. 107116-612422A

Условия тестирования и результаты приведены в отчете о тестировании LCIE № 107116-612422A

Ce certificat a ete par un organisme competent et notifie (directive 2004/108/EC) This certificate has been established by a competent and notified body (2004/108/EC directive)

Этот сертификат был выдан компетентным и уполномоченным органом (директива 2004/108/EC)

Ce certificat comprend: 1 page - This certificate contains: 1 page

Сертификат включает: 1 страница

Date de delivrance: 26/07/2011 Issue date: July 26th 2011

Дата выдачи: 26 июля 2011 года.