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SOEKS Defender radiation dosimeter

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SOEKS Defender is the "big brother" of SOEKS 01M. This device went on sale in April 2012. The retail price for this device is higher than that for SOEKS 01M by RUB 500. The price includes rechargeable batteries (unlike SOEKS 01M, which is supplied with regular batteries), an adapter, a charging USB cable, and a robust rubber-coated housing. In addition, the device can also measure cumulative doses over a long period of time (more than 1 year).

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Defender dosimeter


This is an electronic model of the Defender dosimeter. When the page is updated, the model is reloaded. Use control buttons on the dosimeter for menu navigation.

Go to the Measurements section in the menu to check dosimeter operation. When in the normal mode, the dosimeter will show a random background radiation value.

You can also select the measured product by pressing the Select the Measured Product button located above the dosimeter.

If you have any questions about using this model, please contact our operator at:
+7 (495) 223 27 27


**The model only imitates the operation of the device and may be different from the original device due to regular firmware upgrades. A limited number of functions is available in the electronic model for testing.

Advantages of the Defender dosimeter

  • Stylish design, compact size, bright color display
  • Graphical, numerical, and color indications
  • SBM-20-1 sensor (made in Russia, 2011)
  • The shortest measuring time among all consumer devices (10 seconds)
  • Powered by rechargeable or regular batteries
  • Russian/English menu

Human exposure to radiation is called irradiation. In this process, radiation energy is transmitted to cells and destroys them. Irradiation may cause various diseases including infectious complications, metabolic disorders, malignant tumors, infertility, and cataracts. The impact of radiation is especially harmful to dividing cells; this is why radiation is so dangerous for children.

When people fly in airplanes at an altitude of ten kilometers, they lose the shielding protection of the Earth's atmosphere, which substantially increases additional exposure to space radiation at high altitudes because of a thin atmospheric layer absorbing cosmic rays. Gamma radiation, which is the most dangerous, is not stopped by the body of an airplane. Air travelers do not complain because radiation has no color, odor or taste; its consequences may appear only years later.

For example, a transatlantic flight from the USA to Europe involves prolonged exposure of a human body to cosmic radiation at approximately 0.05 µSv. At an altitude of about 10.5 km, the shielding effect of the Earth's atmosphere is partially lost; as a result, the crew and passengers on board receive small additional doses of radiation.

Jet pilots and other crew members who frequently fly across the Atlantic or the continent may regularly accumulate radiation doses exceeding 5 µSv per year, i.e. the maximum permissible exposure for ordinary people (the average limit for Western Europe).

Officially, flight crew members should be classed as radiation workers but in reality this never happens. Doses received by them are on average higher than those received by the overwhelming majority of workers from other professions, including hospital staff and workers in nuclear power plants.

Radiation which aircrew members are exposed to is not man-made; indeed, it is inherently natural and always exists at high altitudes. The risks, however, are man-made: when people spend all their working hours at an altitude of 10.5 km from the ground, they run a higher risk compared to natural conditions.


Parameter Value
Indication range (background radiation), µSv/h up to 1 000
Recorded gamma-ray energy, MeV from 0,1
Cumulative dose measurement range, Sv up to 1 000
Warning thresholds, µSv/h 0,3 to 100
Measuring time, seconds up to 20
Indication Continuous, numerical, graphical
Batteries and auxiliary power AAA rechargeable or regular batteries, network adapter or USB
Power supply range, V 1,9 - 3,5
Continuous run time, min, hours** up to 10
Overall dimensions (height × width × thickness), max, mm 105х43х18
Weight (excluding batteries), max, g 57
Battery charging current, max, mA 300
Input current from USB or charger, max, mA 500
Charger output voltage, V 4,5 to 5,5
Display Color TFT display, 128×160
Operating temperature range, °C -20 to +60
* A higher number of measurements improves indication accuracy. 
** Continuous run time is given for a device where factory settings and two 1,350 mAh batteries are used 
*** Factory settings: Threshold—1,2, green color theme, sound on.

Defender dosimeter

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