SOEKS Ecotester 2

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SOEKS Ecotester 2 is designed for food safety evaluation in terms of nitrate concentrations and measurement of the level of radiation from any objects.
SOEKS Ecotester 2 is an updated version of the popular SOEKS Ecotester. The new version incorporates new, more powerful software. This allowed us to revise the tester's interface completely. The interface is now more colorful and user-friendly.
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SOEKS Ecotester combines two important functions.
The nitrate tester allows for quick evaluation of the safety of fresh fruit and vegetables
in terms of nitrate concentrations.
The dosimeter measures background radiation on an ongoing basis. It detects radiation from any
objects or food products, as well as in the air.


SOEKS Ecotester: operating principle​
In nitrate measurement mode: just select the product you need in the menu. The list of products and standard nitrate concentrations as per SanPiN are already in the tester's memory. The allowable nitrate concentration will be displayed on the screen. Insert the special probe into the fruit pulp and press OK. The measurements take no longer than 3 seconds. The results are shown in numerical, text, and graphical form. E.g. if nitrate concentrations exceed the allowable limit, a message saying "Dangerous concentration of nitrates" will be displayed on the screen against a red background..
In dosimeter mode: The device measures background radiation on an ongoing basis. The current radiation value is always shown in the upper part of the screen. To measure radiation from a particular object, position SOEKS Ecotester at a distance of 3-4 cm from the measured object and press Measurement.

SOEKS Ecotester uses a high-accuracy, Russian-made SBM 20-1 Geiger-Mueller counter for radiation measurements.​

Advantages of SOEKS Ecotester​

Two-in-one versatility
No need to buy and carry two separate devices.

Ease of use
The interface is user-friendly. Maximum permissible concentrations for main food products are already stored in the memory.

High measurement rate​
Measuring time is no more than 3 seconds.

Compact and lightweight

Internationally recognized
Sold in more than 40 countries worldwide, including Germany, USA, and Japan.



Parameter Value
Measurement range of nitrate concentrations, mg/kg от 20 to 5 000
Indication range (background radiation), µSv/h up to 1 000
Indication range (background radiation), µR/h up to 100 000
Recorded gamma-ray energy, MeV from 0,1
Warning thresholds, µSv/h 0,3 to 100
Warning thresholds, µR/h 30 to 10 000
Measuring time, seconds до 10
Indication Continuous, numerical, graphical
Measurement error, max +/- 15%
Batteries and auxiliary power AAA-type rechargeable or regular batteries, network adapter or USB
Power supply range, V 1,9 - 3,0
Continuous run time, min, hours** up to 10
Overall dimensions (height × width × thickness), max, mm 144х47х17
Weight (excluding batteries), max, g 66
Battery charging current, max, mA 300
Input current from USB or charger, max, mA 500
Charger output voltage, V 4,5 to 5,5
Display Цветной TFT, 128х160
Operating temperature range, °C от -20 до +60
* A higher number of measurements improves indication accuracy.
** Continuous run time is given for a device where factory settings and two 1,350 mAh batteries are used. 
*** Factory settings: Units of measurement—µSv/h; threshold—120; green color theme; sound on.



Certificate of Conformity


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