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A multifunctional medical and prevention system for treatment and prevention of acute respiratory viral infections, ENT and skin diseases. It not only facilitates treatment of a variety of diseases but also keeps the air at home or at work sterile and sterilizes any surfaces

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SOEKS Quasar Ultraviolet Irradiator
  • Continuous air disinfection even in the presence of people
  • Effective treatment of skin and ENT diseases
  • Disinfection of surfaces
  • Intuitive interface
  • The device is suitable for both home and outpatient use
  • The presence of the timer enables to automatically switch off the device after the procedure is completed
  • Monitoring the state of UV irradiator  (6 000 hours)
  • Availability. You can buy a replaceable lamp at any household store
  • Easy lamp replacement – it takes no more than 15 seconds
SOEKS Quasar – reliable prevention and effective treatment of skin and ENT diseases, protection from airborne infections, disinfection of air and surfaces. Suitable for both home and outpatient use.

SOEKS Quasar - treatment of ENT diseases: tonsillitis, otitis, sinusitis, bronchitis. Effective tool for flue, ARVI prevention

Ultraviolet Light Therapy
Ultraviolet has strong disinfecting properties, it kills most of the known bacteria and viruses ensuring the maximum therapeutic benefit; it is safe for humans. The duration and number of procedures carried with the ultraviolet irradiator depend on the specific disease and are described in the user manual. Before starting treatment we recommend to consult an expert.

Turn on the "Recirculation" mode for 5 minutes - heat the lamp; open the curtains, install one of the three tubes (ear canal - tube # 1, oral cavity - tube # 2, nasal sinuses - tube # 3); set the timer. The device turns off automatically when the procedure is completed.
SOEKS Quasar ensures complete disinfection of air in a room of 30 square meters in just 4 hours - air goes through a special chamber with a UV lamp. SOEKS Quasar ultraviolet sterilizer kills almost all known types of bacteria, viruses and fungi, thereby preventing the risk of transmission of infections from already infected family member. The lamp of SOEKS Quasar ultraviolet sterilizer does not let in UV radiation with the wavelength shorter than 200 nm, which excludes the formation of ozone; therefore it is not required to leave the room during the device operation.
Press "Fan" button - Quasar starts operating in recirculation mode. With "+" and "-" buttons you can adjust the operating time of the device. The maximum time is 12 hours.
Quasar sterilizes any surfaces and objects, including children's toys, mobile devices, appliance electronics. It helps to destroy germs in the places where detergents cannot be used.
Open the curtains, point the device towards the irradiated object; press and hold "+" and "-" buttons for 5 seconds, set the time; press "Start"; the countdown timer will be activated in 1 minute by default, meantime you must leave the room.
Proprietary solution developed by SOEKS. The minimum service life of the device is 7 years. SOEKS Quasar is a registered medical device (Registration Certificate No. РЗН 2015/3371 issued by the Federal Service for Surveillance of Health Care (Roszdravnadzor) on December 7, 2015)

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